I was born in Staunton, Virginia and raised in Swoope, Virginia. I'm a 2000 graduate of Buffalo Gap High School. I also went to Mary Baldwin, and earned my B.A. in art/studio painting in 2004. I live in Virginia... out in the country :).

My love of art began at a very early age. I was always coloring to occupy my time at home and after school, and pretty much whenever I could! It was then, and is still to this day, how I escape from the world around me. I am a self-taught watercolor artist, and photographer.

I'm a social person, but in small doses, and I truly am most comfortable in my own element with some paper & brushes, paint, and Pandora playing, so, yeah, I’m an introvert. :)

I have worked on a mushroom series, and produced several watercolors focusing on morels, chanterelles, and other wild mushroom varieties. I love to forage for wild mushrooms in the county around the area that I live, and sometimes, I'm lucky enough to find some. But, they are SO MUCH FUN to paint. Detail is my thing, and getting lost in it is so relaxing to me.

I have also done some paintings of animals such as pigs, bears, ruffed grouse, Valais black nose sheep, rainbow trout, a rooster, and a cow. In addition, I enjoy architectural paintings such as churches and old buildings.

Everyone should live their dream, and make things happen that brings them joy. I hope my love of painting can bring a little happiness to your day. Please help me to reach my dream by sharing my website, and buy a print or two. :) Thank you.

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